CSA A500-16 Building Guards

In 2012, the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing issued Supplementary Standard SB-13 in response to all the negative media coverage of glass falling from balconies. It was a stopgap measure hastily put in place to address an immediate issue. At the same time, the province asked the Canadian Standards Association to develop national guidelines that could then be adopted under Ontario’s code.

The CSA has just released the A500-16, Building Guards standard. It contains what you need to know if your business is involved in the supply of or glazing of railings and balustrades. You can be sure that it will become law when the next edition of the OBC is issued.

For more detail on what’s covered in the new standard and to order a copy for your office, click here.

The OGMA considers this a major issue for our industry and will be holding a seminar on this topic in the spring of 2017. Details will be sent out as the date approaches.

– Frank Fulton

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