Ontario Construction Lien Act Review Information Update

There has been a lot of activity over the past few months and a mountain of documentation, reports, and information has been compiled. We are providing this update on what has transpired to keep members informed.

Prompt Payment Ontario (PPO), the consortium of trade associations that the Ontario Glass & Metal Association has partnered with, conducted a survey of 535 companies. Thank you to the many OGMA members that participated in the survey. Click here to download the survey results.

PPO used the survey results to support our arguments in favour of legislated payment terms in their stakeholder submission to the CLA Review team. Click here to read the Construction Lien Act Review submission.

The CLA Review has now issued a summary of all of the submissions they received during the consultation period this past fall and identified new issues for consideration that arose through the consultation process. Visit the CLA Review website to get up to date on the current status: <a href="http://www.constructionlienactreview website here.com/documents/”>www.constructionlienactreview.com/documents/.

PPO has submitted their response to the other stakeholder’s submissions. Read the response here. PPO has also submitted their response to the new issues raised. Read the new issues submission here.

The CLA Review team is expected to submit their final report and recommendations to the Government of Ontario by March 31, 2016.

– Frank Fulton

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