Upcoming Webinars – Government Funding Programs

Due to COVID-19 and our inability to get out and participate in seminars in person, the OGMA is happy to be able to bring you the next best thing in the form of webinars. We have two webinars teed up to bring you up to speed on the government grants that are available to you and how to go about getting them. The sessions will be delivered in two segments focusing on Employment Funding programs that should be of particular interest to contracting companies, and on other programs that our manufacturing members will find beneficial.


Bonny Koabel CPA, CGA, is the President of AKR Consulting Canada Inc. Bonny has been successful in getting millions of dollars in grants from many government sources for manufacturers and contractors in the glazing industry as well as other business types.

Webinar 1: Thursday April 15, 2021 @ 1:00 p.m.

Employment Funding Programs:

  1. Apprentice Salary Refunds – up to $5,000 per registered Apprentice retroactive 3 years. Funding applies whether or not the Apprentice is still with the company.
  2. ASO – This is an alternative to Traditional Group Benefits and can save companies up to 30% a year on benefits. More details here.
  3. Co-op Salary Refunds – There is a $3,000 Salary Refund available for any Co-op students that a company has had through a College or University within the last 3 fiscal years. We will need a copy of the student’s Letter of Confirmation from the College or University to get started on the Refund Application. More details here.
  4. Employment Insurance Premium Exemptions – Available to owners and their first of kin under certain conditions. This may save each qualifying family member from paying up to $1,000 in premiums and the business from paying $1,500 a year in premiums.
  5. Hiring Grants – If a company is looking to hire any new employees there is a Hiring Grant of up to $6,000 available for every new employee hired whether or not they work out. We would need a copy of the new employee’s resume at least 7 business days before they start in order to get funding approval. More details here.
  6. Training Grants – There are Training Grant available for any third-party training. The Training Grant covers 80% of the training costs paid to third parties. We need to apply for the Training Grant at least 7 weeks before the training starts. More details here.
  7. Trillium Drug Benefits – Assistance is available from the Ontario Government for anyone who does not have Group Benefit Coverage. There is an annual deduction, which is 4% of household income.
  8. WSIB Exemptions – Available to owners and their first of kin under certain conditions. This may save the company from paying a WSIB for each qualifying family member. For example a family member earning $50,000 with a WSIB rate of 5% equals $2,500 in WSIB savings.

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Webinar 2: Thursday, April 29, 2021 @ 1:00 p.m.

Marketing and Website Funding Programs:

  1. Digital Marketing Fund – Funding is available for website redesign for markets outside of Canada and includes webpages translates into another language to qualify. Funding is also available for Digital Marketing. Funding is 75% up to $75,000. We need to apply at least 8 weeks before the project starts.
  2. Website Development/Enhancement and SEO Funding – Funding is available in Ontario for up to $2,500 for developing or upgrading a website or implementing an SEO strategy. Funding recipients may apply again the following year for funding and may use the vendor of their choice.

R&D Funding:

  1. SR&ED Tax Credit Program – SR&ED is Canada’s largest funding program providing $3 billion annually to 20,000 companies across Canada. Funding is for R&D activities performed at a company that leads to new technical knowledge gained by the company. Knowledge does not need to be groundbreaking for the industry but it should be groundbreaking for the company. Companies are able to apply for funding annually.

Utility Funding Programs:

  1. Canadian Action Improvement Fund – This a $1.485 billion fund that opened in July 2019. Funding was confirmed for 3 years at the time. Funding covers any energy efficiency upgrades to manufacturing companies. Funding is 25% of project costs up to $250,000. Funding covers purchases of upgraded machinery; retrofits to equipment; heating, ventilation and air conditioning upgrades; adding solar panels; glazing; insulation; window upgrades; and adding building automation systems.
  2. Commercial Facade Funding – Funding is available in many cities for companies looking to upgrade the exterior of their building. Funding coverage new doors, new windows, new signage, painting, cladding, addition of awnings, and brick cleaning. Average funding is 50%, up to $10,000.
  3. Energy Reduction Rebates – Funding is available for Electricity and Natural Gas Reduction projects including air conditioning, boiler, and furnace projects.
  4. LED Retrofits Rebates – Lighting retrofits provide a rebate on upgrading your lighting system to be more efficient. Companies benefit from having reduced hydro bills moving forward. ROI for most LED retrofits is under 2 years.
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