Prompt Payment Ontario – Ontario Construction Act – Trade Contractors Guide

Prompt Payment Ontario – Ontario Construction Act – Trade Contractors Guide

As you are likely aware, the OGMA has been an active participant in the Prompt Payment Ontario (PPO) initiative for the past six years, where forty or so trade-related associations banded together to lobby for improvements in the laws, liens, payment terms, and arbitration process related to construction contracts. As a result, the legislation went into practice on October 1, 2019.

As one would expect, the Act is long and legalistic, but knowing the contents, and your rights and remedies, could be essential to the successful operation of your business. To help you with this, PPO’s legal team took the Act and restated the key points in language we can understand.

We are pleased to make the Ontario Construction Act – Trade Contractors Guide available for use by our members. Download a copy for your reference.

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