OGMA Newsletter – April 2021

OGMA Newsletter – April 2021

The OGMA is pivoting to find new ways to deliver value to our members since our bread-and-butter live events can’t go forward. Watch your inbox and ogma.ca for a series of educational white papers prepared by OGMA members. The first one, by OGMA vice-president Jeff Makimoto (TAGG)  will address the issue of inspecting finished aluminum products. More will be rolling out through the year. The year 2020 has been very difficult for many of us and it has been especially challenging for the OGMA.  All of our events are geared towards physical attendance, which we were not able to do.  Because of this the OGMA will not be charging any dues in 2021 to companies that had paid their 2020 invoice. Although we will not be holding our spring golf tournament in 2021, we are hopeful that circumstances have improved to the point that we will be able to pull off our fall golf tournament that is booked for Sept. 23 at the Country Club in Woodbridge. With the release of multiple vaccines there is light at the end of the tunnel and we plan to resume events next year as soon as it is safe and practical to do so.  We hope to see all of you in person next year and resume our role as the networking facilitator of our industry.  Also, don’t miss OGMA president Andrew Dolphin’s turn at the microphone on the GlassTalk podcast, available wherever you get your podcasts.

Contractor Survey re: Rapid Antigen Testing Program

Attention Contractors, Please follow the link below and fill out the contractor survey to ensure Ontario job-sites receive an appropriate portion of the Ontario government’s stock of rapid tests: Rapid Antigen Testing Program Survey The deadline to complete the survey is 5:00 p.m. today. The survey takes about 4 minutes to complete. Regards, Andrew Dolphin OGMA […]

“Challenge + Change” Construction Conference

Valued Members, You are invited to attend Petrela Winter, National Virtual Construction Conference – CHALLENGE + CHANGE, on Wednesday, February 24, 2021, from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM. A limited number of FREE REGISTRATIONS have been set aside for OGMA members, don’t miss out on this unique opportunity! Petrela Winter is a highly specialized insurance brokerage focused exclusively […]

Get Support for Learner Funding

Thanks to a heads up sent to me from OGMA member Bonny Koabel with AKR Consulting Canada Inc., it is my pleasure to inform you of financial assistance that is available to all residents of Ontario with school age children, students over 18, and parents or guardians to a special needs child under the age […]

Update on 2021 Membership Dues

The year 2020 has been very difficult for many of us and it has been especially challenging for the OGMA. All of our events are geared towards physical attendance, which we were not able to do. Because of this, the OGMA will not be charging any dues in 2021 to companies that have paid their 2020 invoice. With the […]

Passing of Joe Shapiro

It is with sadness that we bring the news of the passing of Joe Shapiro. Joe left us at the age of 97 on December 22, 2020. Joe was one of the pioneers, and one of the characters, in the glass business. He was a co-founder of Sealite Glass Ltd., with Fred Fulton in the late 1950s, one […]

And There He Was… Gone

Originally published in Glass Canada Magazine, December 2020 Issue I’ve had the privilege of writing my You Bet Your Glass column for over a decade now and I’ve always considered it a great honour to be allowed to bring you my views on our industry. It has been a responsibility I have not taken lightly. I […]

It’s Time to Call it a Day

Originally published in Glass Canada Magazine, October 2020 Issue In looking back, I’ve spent the better part of a lifetime in the glass and architectural metal industry. I was exposed to it at a very early age since my father, Fred Fulton, was one of the pioneers in the insulating glass industry in Canada and would […]

High Exposure Fenestration Installation

Originally published in Glass Canada Magazine, August 2020 Issue To the casual observer, a window is just something you look through to see outside and there’s not a lot of thought given to it beyond that. For people involved in the application and installation of fenestration products however, there are a mind boggling number of intricate […]

Life’s New Reality

Originally published in Glass Canada Magazine, June 2020 Issue For the past number of months it seems we’ve done nothing but lived and breathed the new reality of life, the COVID-19 reality. We’re probably in the midst of what will likely be the most historically significant event of our lifetimes. Future generations will be affected and […]