Construction Lien Act Review: Prompt Payment Ontario Survey Deadline Extended

OGMA members,

The deadline for completing the PPO survey has been extended by one week and is now due by no later than October 2. The response from the OGMA membership has been disappointing. I urge you to take the time to do the survey NOW. Your input will go a long way to improving the playing field on which you do business and is the only way you can influence the time it takes to get paid for your work.

If you work for a manufacturing company or other-industry supporting company, click on the “Trade Contractor” option on the opening page and continue from there.


As you are aware from previous Member Bulletins, the Construction Lien Act Review process has been gearing up and is well underway. The law firm conducting the review, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, has developed and released an information package that is available on the CLA Review website:

I urge you to put aside some time to review the issues they will be dealing with going forward. The next phase of the CLA review process will include the review of submissions from and interviews with the various stakeholder groups. Prompt Payment Ontario (PPO) will be representing and presenting the views on behalf of the Ontario Glass & Metal Association when they get their turn at the table. Click here to view the latest PPO newsletter.

To assist in this process and to create statistically reliable information to support our arguments, PPO has enlisted Ipsos Reid to create and conduct a questionnaire. We are hoping that most or all of our members can take the time necessary to complete the online questionnaire by Friday, October 2, at

Also, Ipsos Reid may be contacting some our members directly by phone. If they happen to call you, I would request that you answer their questions or direct them to the person in your company who typically deals with delinquent payments and lien actions.

I realize that doing surveys is time consuming and tedious but there is a lot at stake and this is how your voice will be heard in favour of changes to the laws that affect how you are paid for your work. I strongly urge you to dedicate the time necessary as soon as possible.


Frank Fulton

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