Status of Construction Lien Act Review Report

Message from Prompt Payment Ontario (PPO) to PPO members: On July 25, 2016, Ron Johnson, Jeff Koller, Ian Cunningham, and Sandra Skivsky from PPO met with David Phillips, Minister Naqvi’s new chief of staff, and Delia Greco at the offices of the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General. This was PPO’s second meeting with representatives of the Attorney General’s office since they received the report from CLA review co-counsels Bruce Reynolds and Sharon Vogel on May 2.

PPO attended this meeting in good faith, believing that representatives from the Ministry might shed some light on the release of the CLA Review Report. PPO has written a number of letters to Ministers Meilleur, Naqvi, and Chiarelli over the last few weeks with no response.

The message PPO got from David Phillips was that the CLA Review Report was important to Minister Naqvi, but there are a number of legislative issues that are of a greater priority. To confirm, the Ministry had no release date to announce.

PPO made it clear that there is a high level of dissatisfaction and strong sense of betrayal in the industry resulting from the Ministry’s clear lack of transparency and its reneging on the promise for a “prompt” release.

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