Update on Glass Supply Challenges

In March 2015, OGMA released a bulletin to its members to make them aware that glass supply was anticipated to become a challenge and more costly due to double-digit increases in demand in the United States, the reduction of glass production capacity in North America, an escalating U.S. dollar, and a severe shortage of transportation capacity diet pills for weight loss. Many glazing contractors and fabricators have noted that standard glass products have not been a huge problem, but that getting some high-performance and specialty products has been difficult at times.

Viracon, one of the largest glass fabricators in the U.S., recently released an open letter to the industry to make users aware that glass supply in 2016 may be more stressed. They also identify actions that can be taken to help alleviate the effects of these potential shortages on your projects. Click here to read their press release.

For companies in the glazing contracting industry, it will be critical to proactively forward plan your projects to lock in your glass supply, pricing, and delivery. It will also be prudent to let your contractors and architects know that they will not have the luxury of delaying decisions on the glass for their projects as they will almost surely expect delays in closing.

– Frank Fulton

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